Welcome To Florijn Care

Bruntsfield House CQC rated good 27th January 2016

Cavendish House CQC rated good 23rd August 2017



Florijn Care Ltd. is a new provider of care for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems, owned and managed by people who have over 25 years experience in the field. We are committed to providing a fresh and positive approach to the support and care of people with learning disability in the community; not “warehousing” in low secure facilities as in the past.  

At Florijn, we specialise in helping people with treatable mental health needs, diverse developmental conditions, such as Autistic spectrum disorders, Aspergers, etc., and who may present behaviour considered to be potentially difficult and challenging.

Florijn offers long-term rehabilitation and various, person centred therapeutic options for our service users. Facilitated by a robust process of assessment and individual care pathway development, addressing all aspects of risk and need, Florijn is able to manage and support difficult and disruptive clients within its existing, highly specialised services.

Florijn provides care for those service users who may be placed within low secure hospitals but are now looking at community placements which focus on relational security and engagement, rather than physical security, with a view towards progressing to more independent living options.  Additionally, we care for people presently in open hospital units or other settings, where it is agreed that they require the chance to live and be supported in a community based home.

Florijn Care homes and independent living units are located within close proximity to each other, ensuring that service users living in these environments have the back up of staff in the homes. This reflects a clearly defined care pathway and demonstrates that Florijn Care both recognises and proactively addresses individual services user needs.

‘Valuing People Now’, examined progress made in implementing the 2001 White Paper, ‘Valuing People’. It concluded that, while good progress had been made on many fronts, commissioners and policy makers were not sufficiently addressing the needs of people with learning disabilities who had more complex needs, including people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities.

This is precisely the ‘niche’ sector occupied by Florijn; specializing in caring for those with learning disability, mental heath problems and challenging behaviours, in the community. 

Consequently, we pride ourselves on offering environments which are of high quality, yet homely and tastefully furnished. 

Together with our multi-disciplinary staff, we believe we have embraced the vision as defined by the Government and have always worked very closely with the NHS and various Social Care agencies to ensure we truly light up the lives of our clients by meeting their individual care needs. 


Care in the Community

There is increasing pressure to ensure that people with a learning disability are cared for in community settings and not low secure facilities. We would endorse this view, as we have substantial experience in managing clients who are in the community, including many with highly complex support needs, and have found this approach to be highly effective. Over time, we look to demonstrate a clear care pathway, able to admit and care for people through a range of services appropriate to their individually assessed needs.


How do we manage more complex and challenging service user needs?

Our homes will operate to reflect the principles and associated best practice of good relational security, this being the collective knowledge and understanding we have about our service users and the actions we take to ensure security and high quality care. We acknowledge that everybody has a responsibility for relational security, which is why we consider it essential that staff engage fully with service users and talk about how it feels in the home, deciding together how the  service can be improved.